Learn how to build your marketing strategy and plan.

Go from having a busy marketing and comms team that’s not producing the outcomes you need, to a steady stream of new business enquires, with clarity on where to focus and the metrics to help you improve.

Marketing and comms teams that follow this strategic planning process go…

From this,

  • You’re spending money on marketing and comms, but you’re not sure what you’re getting for it
  • You’ve built a website, but not much is happening
  • Your team is working away on social media, blog posts, and email newsletters, but it’s not delivering much
  • You’re not sure how to measure and improve the outcomes
  • You’re in a complex space with lots of different potential customers and beneficiaries, and not sure how or where to focus

To this!

  • Your team is working to a plan
  • They know where to focus and they’re producing results
  • You’re seeing a steady stream of new business enquiries
  • You’re crystal clear about your ideal target customer and how to get their attention
  • You can measure your marketing. You know which bits are producing results – and which aren’t. You know where your business enquiries are coming from, and they’re being directed to the right part of your organisation
I can’t recommend Ned highly enough and have thoroughly enjoyed working with him. He’s guided us through a complex marketing strategy and plan, providing sound advice and working diligently to ensure Groundwork secures the best possible outcome.

Garry Campbell, Head of Policy and Communications, Groundwork UK

Learn how to build a practical and effective marketing plan

Comprehensive four-step process

Learn the steps to creating a marketing plan that your team can follow and which reliably generates earned income.

Have you found your persona?

The buyer persona is the most powerful tool in a marketer’s toolkit. Learn how to build yours now!

Outline project plan

Often, this strategy process delivers a two-phase plan: a setup phase where you create the content required by the next phase: a risk-managed pilot project to prove the principles before you roll out more widely.

Ned’s brought some great strategic thinking to our digital marketing work, helping us to pinpoint where we might have most impact and designing the tools and resources we need to get ourselves noticed.
Graham Duxbury, Chief Executive Officer, Groundwork UK