Empowering your marketers to succeed

Top tips for Directors and Managers


Unsure whether your marketing and comms people are doing their best work? Not certain how to fully support them?

This webinar is for you, if:

  • You are a Director or Manager in an organisation with social purpose
  • You are responsible for marketing or communications people
  • You don’t have a marketing or commercial background
  • You’re keen to better equip your staff to build capacity and impact

You will learn:

  • How to motivate marketing and comms people
  • How to identify your marketeers’ strengths
  • How to figure out how well they’re doing

Duration: 30 minutes

  • Webinar: 20 minutes
  • Group discussion: 10 minutes

Upcoming webinar topics:

  • Cart before the horse: why organisations spend on marketing that just won’t work
  • What you need to know about marketing if you’re managing a marketer
  • How to know if your marketing team is doing a good job
  • Training for marketers: an overview of what’s out there for charity marketers and how to make sure your team is accessing the support they need
  • Outsourcing your marketing: what you should and shouldn’t be doing in-house
  • Inspiring your communicators: your communicators are there to get everyone else excited about your vision. But who inspires them?
  • 5 ways to protect your marketers from burnout. Marketing staff can be pulled in a lot of directions. It can be easy for them to take on too much and end up running on fumes.

Hi, I'm Ned Wells.

I help social enterprises and charities to build capacity and generate earned income through better marketing strategies and business systems. Often, this means supporting and coaching client teams, helping them to think strategically and deliver at pace.

I can’t recommend Ned highly enough and have thoroughly enjoyed working with him. He’s guided us through a complex marketing strategy and plan, providing sound advice and working diligently to ensure Groundwork secures the best possible outcome.
Garry Campbell, Communications Manager, Groundwork UK

Proud to have worked with:

Learn strategies and techniques to go:

From this,

  • You’re spending money on marketing and comms, but you’re not sure what you’re getting for it
  • You’ve built a website, but not much is happening
  • Your team is working away on social media, blog posts, and email newsletters, but it’s not delivering much
  • You’re not sure how to measure and improve the outcomes
  • You’re in a complex space with lots of different potential customers and beneficiaries, and not sure how or where to focus

To this!

  • Your team is working to a plan
  • They know where to focus and they’re producing results
  • You’re seeing a steady stream of new business enquiries
  • You’re crystal clear about your ideal target customer and how to get their attention
  • You can measure your marketing. You know which bits are producing results – and which aren’t. You know where your business enquiries are coming from, and they’re being directed to the right part of your organisation