Growth For Good, with Dan Sherrard-Smith of Mother Tree

In the first of my discussions about social enterprise business models, I chat with Dan Sherrard-Smith, CEO and founder of MotherTree.
In the first of my discussions on social enterprise business models, I chatted with Dan Sherrard-Smith CEO and founder of MotherTree, a company that makes it easy for busy professionals to go green and save money by focusing on finance, bills, home improvement, and carbon savings.

Dan explains that the average UK consumer has a ‘lifestyle’ carbon footprint (for example what you eat and buy, and how you travel) of about 10 tons per year, with banks and pensions adding another 10 tons.

For fees starting at £250, Mother Tree’s ‘Green Living service’ saves people on average 40 hours per year researching the best green options, and saves them £3k per year by moving to those greener options, and dramatically, measurably reduces their carbon footprint.

Learn all about this and much more from my chat with Dan and please let me know if you’d like to share your socially or environmentally positive business model. Thank you again Dan for a fantastic interview!

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